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Wednesday, 10 November 2010
About time someone opened a brew pub on west side of Ann Arbor, one that combines awesome beer AND blazing fast WiFi. So far, we've been able to confirm the following: The beer is amazingly dee-lish and they are fully cool with the concept of having attractive and personable beer wenches deliver said brew. No joke. Join their Mug Club and you can get a Beer Wench T-shirt with your membership. That's very anti-Ann Arbor'ish and damn, that's nice.

The Wolverine State Brew Pub (NOT located on State St) opened the 6th of November. The location is a bit sneaky, which somewhat matches the mellow come-on-in-and-chill energy that you feel when you get here. There's room for about 15 barstoolers but they've got plenty of tables and a couch-centered area as well. But forget all of that, they have a REAL FOOSBALL TABLE and two real dart boards, making this a true neighborhood joint with loads of community potential. (Rumor that's fast-spreading: Foosball Draw-Your-Parter tournaments are in the works.

The above is a snip taken from Google maps on what appears to be the most gloomy day of the year. Click the image if you want to see if they have perhaps a less overcast view.

Their WiFi is plenty fast: 2K up/4K down. It's WPA encrypted so you'll need to read thir current password off their beer menu board. They use IP connected flatscreens with perfect surround sound speakers to pump out Pandora or, in the early afternoon, classic movies. So far their selections are 100% thumbs-up.

Looking for the next cool place to bring your laptop stop by to say yo to Fully baised Livia, Ferociously Frothy Tricia, Energizer Bunnyh ET, Meticulous Matt, Uber-Popular Brewmaster Oliver and Oh-so-cool Olivia.

CLICK HERE to find them

Ray's Red Hots Adds WiFi
Sunday, 14 March 2010
The place over on 629 E University where you can get a genuine Chicago style dog has added WiFi to their menu.

They don't have many places to sit, but this was still a much needed addition as the area was loaded with access points, but nothing open. When the weather gets nice, they just about double their seating capacity with the sidewalk dining option.

We have not yet had a chance to check out their connection but will be heading over this week with a laptop and an appetite.


Vinology On Main Street: Cozy, Friendly and Great Service
Monday, 30 November 2009
Vinology is located on Main Street in the historic Mayer-Schairer building in downtown Ann Arbor. After careful work with the Historical Society, they completed an amazing transformation from an office supply store into a full service restaurant in mid 2006. This renovation included the excavation of the basement which is now a cozy place to hold private gatherings.

From the first step inside, there is a sense of balance. Lighting, music, layout and decor were done by someone who is a feng shui master. And it didn't stop there. The attentiveness and genuine sense of customer care presented by employees (Sean and Michelle) had me planning a return visit ... and this was before I even asked about a WiFi connection.

Vinology is one door north of Workantile Exchange, an as-needed office space provider. The ability to come here for lunch, or to knock off early for the 4-6pm Mon-Sat happy hour has sold me on giving Workantile a try.

As for vinos, it's high-end, the selection vast (according to Meranda they have 200 bottle selections and 47 by the glass) and the Vino Trivia on the menu both educational and darn fun to read.

Vinology Speed Test Results: Top Shelf
ArborMotion - A Truly Unique Auto/WiFi Experience
Wednesday, 22 July 2009
ArborMotion located just south of I94 off of State St (734-761-1088) is a "team-focused approach to superior car care" which sounds like a bunch of corporate buzzwords, but I can attest, this place is quite superior.

First, just so you don't think I'm plugging some place that doesn't have relevance here... yes, they have WiFi in their very excellent waiting room. Second: I've never met a more genuine bunch of people in my entire auto-repair-needing days, which goes way back.

Maybe someone finally had the auto repair epiphany... Combine a group of auto specialists under one roof where they can share the overhead and giving a more of a one-stop-shop experience and really connecting with the customer.

Based on my experience, I will always start my auto repair with these folks.

Have you ever been in a hospital when someone you care about is going through something important? They generally put in you a cozy room and you wait until the doctor comes in to report how it went. That's how I felt today...

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