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Terry B's in Dexter
Friday, 24 August 2007

Home of the Most Incredible Deck in Dexter (or Ann Arbor)

Just on the entrance to downtown Dexter you will find, if you're paying attention, a tiny treasure tucked back from the road called Terry B's. It feels more like you're visiting a friend's house than a restaurant/bar. The new large deck still has that fresh cut cedar smell, which by the way, you can smell all the way from the sidewalk.

Moments after sneaking onto said deck, someone named Colleen magically appeared. Opening with a pleasant greeting followed by an offer to serve one of their on-tap beverages from Bell's, Jolly Pumpkin or Arbor Brewing, Colleen had an easy time with this portion of the order.

Old Town Tavern on Liberty
Thursday, 23 August 2007
Looking for a place with some history? John Berger opened a saloon named The Bismarck at the corner of Liberty and Ashley way back in 1898. People actually used horses to get there back then! They've come a long way but Chris and Steve Pawlicki are now the current owners and Old Town is a highly recommended destination. History, beer and WiFi... it just doesn't get any better.

Check em out next time you're downtown

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Wolverine State Brewery has been named the best place in Ann Arbor that sells beer. Check em out. Tremendous wifi speed and beer so good you won't care about the tremendous wifi speed.
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