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  Link   Vinology Restaurant and Bar - 110 S Main St
If you're downtown and are in the mood for delicious meal, great atmosphere and exceptionally fast Wifi ... you will not be disappointed. Happy hour starts at 4pm. (734) 222-9841
  Link   Ann Arbor Brewing - 114 East Washington
Great burgers -- beer pretty darn good too. 114 East Washington Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Phone: 734-213-1393
AnnArbor.com says they have WiFi on the first floor where peeps are welcome to come hang out. We're waiting for confirmation on this. They're 301 E Liberty St * (734) 222-0071
  Link   Cafe Habana - Washington St
Fantastic place with lots of excellent food and great wait staff. HIGHLY recommended. WiFi is solid and wide open... 734 332 6046
  Link   Sweetwaters on Ashley (downtown)
Located at the corner of Washington & Ashley Streets 123 W. Washington St. (734) 769-2331 Mon - Fri: 7am to midnight Sat & Sun: 7:30am to midnight
  Link   Old Town Tavern - 122 W. Liberty
Looking for a place with some real history? This place was opened 1898... way before laptops or even cars! Great atmosphere, nice people, excellent food. 734-662-9291
  Link   Eastern Flame on Ashley
The former owner of the once-popular downtown Detroit late night food spot, Mediterranean Cafe, brought his culinary expertise to Ann Arbor and the have wifi! 304 S. Ashley, 48104 Phone: 734-864-5236
  Link   Leopold Brothers **CLOSED**
Used to be a pretty amazing place. Was Located in a 100 year old renovated brake factory but the building owner scared them off to Colorado where they're making those people happy now.
  Link   Eastern Flame on S.Ashley
Excellent place! WiFi is fully appoved and food is fantastic. Go say hello to Ganesh or Khan and tell them you heard about them from a2wifi!
  Link   Beaner's Coffee - 539 Liberty
539 E. Liberty Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Tel: 734-997-0992 Fax: 734-997-0993 WE TRIED THEIR WIFI -- IT SUCKS! Let us know if you agree.
  Link   Eve the Restaurant
Fancy French place in Kerrytown. Excellent food, very cozy. Huge on the intimate scale. Run by... Eve, who is also a very cool person. Wine bar open late. (closed Mondays) Bring a laptop, signal is strong. 734-222-0711
  Link   Cafe Verde - 214 N. Fourth Ave
Fair trade and organic coffee and tea, fresh-squeezed juices, soup, salad bar, hot food bar, sandwiches, grab-and-go deli. Mon-Sat:7am-9:30pm, Sun:9am-8pm 302–7032
  Link   Sweetwaters - 407 N. FIFTH AVE (Kerrytown)
Coffee, tea, pastries, salad, quiche. Mon.–Sat. 7 a.m.–11 p.m., Sun. 8:30 a.m.–10 p.m. 622–0084 Wifi is good but the coffee == kinda sucks
  Link   Zingerman's Next Door - Detroit and Kingsley
Greate place to grab a world-famous sandwich and surf while you devour it. Picnic tables in the back and two small tables on the front porch. (Try the #18 Georgia Reuben!)
  Link   Espresso Royale - 214 S Main
One of the biggest cafes in Michigan, there is indoor and outdoor seating. The lack of windows on what was originally going to be a café/theatre has the feel of a Hotel lobby. In the winter it's warm, and in the summer its cool. 734.668.1838
  Link   Arena Bar & Grill - 203 E Washington
On the corner of Washington and 4th. There's a parking structure right across the street. Beer, pub
  Link   BDs Mongolian BBQ - Washington and Main St
Not sure if this is the ideal place to surf, but the food is good and it's a fun place to eat. Their website says nothing about wifi, so we should probably confirm they actual have a hotspot. Nice website.
  Link   YMCA
Bring your laptop! Except for the occasional screaming kids, the waiting/lobby area is very comfortable.
  Link   Grizzly Peak Brewing Company - 120 W. Washington 741–7325
Excellent IPA (micro-brew) Decent food and nice bar area with a few small but high quality TVs. (can't see TVs from dining area) Never tried their WiFi, but they say it's there! Mon.–Thurs. 11 a.m.–11 p.m., Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m.–midnight, Sun. noon–1
  Link   Banditos on 4th St.
Next to Running Fit on 4th. Decent Mex food. Large portions. Good lunch spot. Parking -- ya gotta get lucky.
  Link   Conor O'Neills - Main St.
Irish pub on Main St. Great beer. Car bombs are only 3 bucks on Thursdays. Are they allowed to say bomb? Bar/Restaurant

Top WiFi of the Month

Wolverine State Brewery has been named the best place in Ann Arbor that sells beer. Check em out. Tremendous wifi speed and beer so good you won't care about the tremendous wifi speed.

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