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  Link   Amazing WiFi Radio
I was blown away when I first heard a wi-fi radio, but nothing could prepare me for the quality sound of this newest model! As if access to over 5000 stations...
  Link   Open WRT
Replacing the stock firmware with OpenWRT or one of its cousins gives you considerably more features and stability, which is a more attractive option than spending a few hundred dollars on a higher-end router. OpenWRT goes beyond the usual static, in
  Link   Turn Linksys Router into a Boingo Hotspot
For a $10 one-time registration fee, your WLAN can become a node on the Boingo Wireless virtual network.
  Link   Linksys Wireless NIC with Wi-Fi Finder
The Wireless-G USB Adapter with Wi-Fi Finder is a handy, pocket-sized device that combines an easy-to-use wireless network scanner with a USB-connected Wireless-G network adapter. Now you can scan for available wireless connectivity before turning on
  Link   Chilli Spot
ChilliSpot is an open source captive portal or wireless LAN access point controller. It is used for authenticating users of a wireless LAN. It supports web based login which is today's standard for public HotSpots.
  Link   HotSpot Systems
Offers firmware for Linksys APs. Looks good, but it's not clear what it costs. e.g., Their HOTSPOT FREE 50 costs $10/month which gives you "50 distributable accesses" ... are those users?
  Link   Sputnik-Powered Access Points
Sputnik-Powered APs run Sputnik Agent Firmware for flexible user authentication, usage tracking, and centralized monitoring and management.
  Link   Solar powered backpacks
Just plug a standard car charger into the bag and recharge most small electronic devices including: cell phones, cameras, two way radios, PDA's, and MP3s.
  Link   Junxion Box wireless gateway
1. Insert a cellular PC Card modem into your Junxion Box 2. Connect to the Junxion Box using Wi-Fi or Ethernet 3. Use the wireless Internet or share a local area network
  Link   Wardriving Kit (Card and Antenna)
A low cost antenna kit designed for 360 degree coverage. It can be used indoors or outdoors to achieve greater range than standard "rubber duck" antennas or a PC card's internal antenna. The magnetic base is suitable for fixing to vehicles or other m
  Link   Mobile Tech (PDA) Reviews
Looking for a new device to use while you sip beverages at a hotspot?
  Link   Soho Ware - California
a wireless LAN vendor, provides secure wired and wireless networking solutions through a VAR-direct channel model to SMB and distributed Enterprise markets.
  Link   AirVenue - Canada
an integrator of technologies and solutions, a builder of wireless IP infrastructure and service platforms and service networks for IP-based voice, data and video applications including communication, video-on-demand, video surveillance and IP Radio

Top WiFi of the Month

Wolverine State Brewery has been named the best place in Ann Arbor that sells beer. Check em out. Tremendous wifi speed and beer so good you won't care about the tremendous wifi speed.

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