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Places located on the west side of town
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  Link   Wendys on Jackson Rd at Zeeb
I've been told they have WiFi, but have never sampled. Drop us a note with your experiences.
  Link   Plum Market - 375 North Maple Rd.
They have a Zingerman's coffee shop and open Wifi. Even an AC outlet at one of the tables outside. 734.827.5000
  Link   Coffee House Creamery
The Park Family is embarked on a new adventure! Just in front of the Quality 16 Theater. 734-222-0555. Coffee, ice cream and wifi!
  Link   Great Lakes Chocolate & Coffee
Two favorites in one place... 2891 Jackson Ave. About 1 block west of I94 on Jackson Rd. 734.302.2450
  Link   Salon M Style - Zeeb Rd
Modern Hair Made To Order - 283 S. Zeeb Mon-Fri 10-8 and Sat 9-5 Call em! 734.222.6390
  Link   Star's Cafe - 2575 Jackson Rd
Located in the Westgate Center, just to the left of Staples. Nice place - excellent food, reasonably priced (734) 996-0299
  Link   Quarter Bistro - 300 S. Maple
Southwest corner of Jackson and Stadium, behind the Zingerman's Roadhouse. Excellent, Rene is cool. Beer $3 between 3 and 6pm. Wifi is good!
  Link   Big Boy on Zeeb
The news place isn't yet listed but it's located on Zeeb Rd, just north of the I94 off-ramp. There are 2 other locations 3611 Plymouth and 3030 Lohr Rd but don't know if they WiFi
  Link   Liberty Athletic
Private tennis club on Liberty just a few minutes west of Stadium. Very nice facility, excellent staff, big workout area ... and tennis of course. Great place to hang in summer time. Not sure if wifi reaches the outside pool. (734) 665-3738
  Link   Mercedes Benz - Jackson Rd
Need another reason to get a Benz? When you get your oil changed you can sit in their comfy wifi-enabled waiting room. Sales: 800-589-0936; Service: 800-590-2660; Parts: 800-591-3573
  Link   Sze Chuan West Restaurant
Szechuan cooking served in exotic, cavernous surroundings. 2161 W. Stadium - (734) 769-5722 (Just south of Liberty on Stadium)
  Link   Holiday's Restaurant - 2080 W. Stadium
Family restaurant with nice strong wifi signal -- fully open, no WEP or timeout issues. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Inexpensive, good eats. 734.668.1292 Located across the street from the post office.
  Link   Grand Traverse Pie
Enter a Grand Traverse Pie Company Bakery Cafe and your senses are immediately stimulated by wonderful smells from our open air, from-scratch kitchen. 291 N. Zeeb Rd • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103 • 734-474-7575
  Link   Carlyle Grill 734-213-9900
Awesome place, a few blocks west of Wagner on Zeeb. (Right in front of Quality 16 theater) DEELISH veggie burger, soup on Thursdays is killer. Beautiful decor and waitstaff really seems to care. 3660 Jackson Rd. Try it! You'll love it.
  Link   Classic Cup Cafe 734.662.4411
Nice place. Family style. In strip mall next to power sports place. Great Panera alternative. 4389 Jackson Rd Fax: 622-9030. Wifi Signal is strong, but power outlets not plentiful. Great place.
  Link   Weber's Inn - 3050 Jackson Road
One of the top Michigan hotels, Weber's Inn is a deluxe, full service Hotel, Restaurant, Banquet & Conference property. They've been around since 1937! Have not tried out their wifi. Not sure if it's open or a pay service.
  Link   Uptown Coney Island - 3917 Jackson * 665–5909
About a mile west of Wagner on the south side of Jackson. Very friendly waitstaff and decent food. Mon.–Sat. 7 a.m.–9 p.m., Sun. 7 a.m.–4 p.m.
  Link   Panera Bread - 5340 Jackson Road (East of Zeeb)
Excellent soup. Sandwiches pretty good, coffee sucks. WiFi signal not all that great, but it works!
  Link   Barry Bagels (Westgate Shopping Ctr)
Horrible website, excellent coffee. Wireless is free/open.
  Link   Portofino's (Stadium & Jackson) **CLOSED**
Portofino Coffee House, located on Ann Arbor's West Side, offers not only a variety of fresh baked goods and drinks but also an array of live spice from the local music scene.

Top WiFi of the Month

Wolverine State Brewery has been named the best place in Ann Arbor that sells beer. Check em out. Tremendous wifi speed and beer so good you won't care about the tremendous wifi speed.

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