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Terry B's in Dexter Print E-mail
Friday, 24 August 2007

Home of the Most Incredible Deck in Dexter (or Ann Arbor)

Just on the entrance to downtown Dexter you will find, if you're paying attention, a tiny treasure tucked back from the road called Terry B's. It feels more like you're visiting a friend's house than a restaurant/bar. The new large deck still has that fresh cut cedar smell, which by the way, you can smell all the way from the sidewalk.

Moments after sneaking onto said deck, someone named Colleen magically appeared. Opening with a pleasant greeting followed by an offer to serve one of their on-tap beverages from Bell's, Jolly Pumpkin or Arbor Brewing, Colleen had an easy time with this portion of the order.

The deck is impressive and it smells good. It's large and they designed it to preserve three large trees, so that even on the brightest days, you feel like your sitting at some cozy corner in a swanky resort.

Then you walk inside and WOW. What a treat. Hardwood floors, incredible detail to attention in every aspect and everything ... spotless. Very relaxing music, wait staff that are friendly and professional... terrific first impression.

Oh, and the WiFi, it's wide open and solid. Connection from the deck is about a 8 on a 10 scale and connection speed is plenty good. (We've posted the up/down speeds at the bottom of this report.)

Food - Just As Good as the WiFi

We ordered the Classic Caesar with nothing but the normal crisp romaine, fresh croûtons, asiago and some dee'lish Caesar dressing. You can tell plenty from a salad and this one spoke volumes about quality. Every leaf inspected, every leaf passed. Dressing, on the side, had a delightful zing to it: Light yet it had serious personality.

Overall, we rate this place as one of our favorites. The deck was awesome and the food was excellent. First impression regarding the interior was a 10, but to top that, was the person named Colleen who, just by her presentation and genuine nature, will have us coming back and telling everyone that Terry B's really is one of Dexter's most impressive treats.

To visit their website, click here

Terry B's WiFi performance ...

Terry B's metioned in MLIVE story

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