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Vinology On Main Street: Cozy, Friendly and Great Service Print E-mail
Monday, 30 November 2009
Vinology is located on Main Street in the historic Mayer-Schairer building in downtown Ann Arbor. After careful work with the Historical Society, they completed an amazing transformation from an office supply store into a full service restaurant in mid 2006. This renovation included the excavation of the basement which is now a cozy place to hold private gatherings.

From the first step inside, there is a sense of balance. Lighting, music, layout and decor were done by someone who is a feng shui master. And it didn't stop there. The attentiveness and genuine sense of customer care presented by employees (Sean and Michelle) had me planning a return visit ... and this was before I even asked about a WiFi connection.

Vinology is one door north of Workantile Exchange, an as-needed office space provider. The ability to come here for lunch, or to knock off early for the 4-6pm Mon-Sat happy hour has sold me on giving Workantile a try.

As for vinos, it's high-end, the selection vast (according to Meranda they have 200 bottle selections and 47 by the glass) and the Vino Trivia on the menu both educational and darn fun to read.

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