Coffee House Creamery
Monday, 27 October 2008
If you find yourself on the westside of A2, there's a new place just a few blocks west of Wagner on the north side of Jackson Rd. (Pretend you're heading to a movie at Quality 16, but take a left when you enter the parking area.) If you don't know the area, here's a map.

Owned by some very nice folk named Natalie and Talus, they serve up some excellent java (the Blueberry Crumble was dee'lish, but fyi... there are actually no crumbles in it) and have a nice lunch menu, so good in fact, I stuck around until I got hungry enough to be a valid judge. (details about that posted in the Read more section)

They're located at 3780 Jackson Rd or on the web at

Ambiance ... Way above the rest!

They have room for about 22 customers with a decent amount of power outlets. (when the weather is nice, they have outside seating area on both ends of the store) WiFi is plenty speedy, while WPA enabled, it's wide open after you make a purchase. Background music is quite pleasant, no obnoxious continual coffee roasting/milk steaming noises.

Overall, I do officially declare Coffee House Creamery an undiscovered coffee shop/wifi gem very worthy of nomination for the 2009 A2WiFi Award.

Food ... full thumbs-up

WiFi Speed ... Excellent!

Their provider is using compression, so the speeds list below understate the performance. While I was waiting for my car to be finished, I moved to another server, did a full reinstall of Joomla ... and net speed was just as good as it is at my office.