BEEZY's in YPSILANTI .... An Absolute Treat
Sunday, 07 December 2008
Effective immediately: A2WiFi now vehemently supports Ypsilanti.

Last week we moved our office from Dexter to Ypsilanti. A gutsy move, no doubt. Some from Dexter looked at us like we were going to another planet. We had only tiny doubts ... but when we walked into Beezy's we knew we had struck pay dirt at BEEZY's in Ypsilanti (yes, I'm keyword stuffing, just a bit)

I've been to many coffee shops. In fact, I would say I'm pretty much a coffee shop yoda and I'm officially going on record:

Beezy's kicks serious ass.

How strongly do I feel about this? This is the first time I used "ass" on a2Wifi. I may need to use stronger words as this unfolds.

I'm not easily impressed. Coffee shops are so easy to critique. Crappy music, overpriced day-old scones, too much of the jet-engine "make the milk hot" machine, not enough AC plugs... I could go on and on.

Beezy's wasn't perfect... and it still blew me away.

Everything about this place was felt right. My experience went kind of like this:

1. Coffee (It might not be legal)

It's always a big treat when you get something that makes an impression, but they have this stuff called Miller's Blend that I'm pretty sure might be illegal in some parts. I did two cups and I was riding a java buzz that had me thinking significant grandeur thoughts (more than normal). They give you regular sized cup, but then say "refills included" which I'm sure is some clever ploy to keep you there til lunch time. Don't do more than two unless you know what you're doing. It's some amazing shit. (sorry, had to curse again as yes, is was that good)

2. Energy (Not AC outlets)

I'm not some floaty yoga dude that talks about energy, but this place is loaded with it. Positive energy. The building, the people, the music... it all just worked. Exposed "old" brick walls, excellent tunes at just the right volume, people that say hello, then remembered my name when I went back for a refill.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't some BEEZY's corporate directive. It's my belief these people really remembered my name... at least while I was there.

3. WiFi (strong, solid and free)

They are part of the Ypsilanti wireless effort. Ann Arbor, Dexter ... suck on it! Here's a town that's been kicked while they've been down and along comes community WiFi that is rock solid. Their efforts are effective and inspiring; I've already contacted them to find out how our company can support this.

4. Food

Nothing wrong with good muffins and scones, but Beezy's is going a different route. This is their tagline:

Simple, honest food.

I've NEVER had simple food that I want more of and I have no idea what honest food is... but without reservation, I now want more simple honest food. My feeling is that simple honest means high-quality with excellent value. If you need to catch a glimsp of their fare, check out their menu. (PDF)

5. Meeting/Laptop Ambiance

They have two areas currently. When you enter from Washington, there are a bunch of tables, but the cool place is called "Area 2" (I coined that term, so if it should catch-on, please remember you read it here first) which is cozy, warm and somewhat isolated from the buzz of the normal order-entry area.

The number of laptop outlets is good. (but.. they are opening yet another room and promise to have more in there) So ... if you are needing some serious power-tie, close-the-deal WiFi meeting time, bring a power strip, just in case.

The Bottom Line

If you plan to be on the east side of Ann Arbor, the west side of whatever is east of Ypsi or anywhere in Ypsilanti, you would be well advised to walk right in the front door (shown to the left) and introduce yourself to B, the owner of Beezy's. If you are not FULLY impressed this this person, her coffee, her staff and her amazing things to eat, then send me your review and I will send you $20. Yes, send this to your friends, I dare you.

Need more info? Visit Beezy at BEEZYSCAEE.COM (but it's nothing like the real thing)

FYI: The website *is* like the real thing for a website, but my point is that whatever you see at the website .... it's nothing like what you'll feel when they remember your name just because you purchased a cup of their highly additive joe. (now that I'm thinking about this... maybe that name thing is all part of how they get you to come back for more!)