ArborMotion - A Truly Unique Auto/WiFi Experience
Wednesday, 22 July 2009
ArborMotion located just south of I94 off of State St (734-761-1088) is a "team-focused approach to superior car care" which sounds like a bunch of corporate buzzwords, but I can attest, this place is quite superior.

First, just so you don't think I'm plugging some place that doesn't have relevance here... yes, they have WiFi in their very excellent waiting room. Second: I've never met a more genuine bunch of people in my entire auto-repair-needing days, which goes way back.

Maybe someone finally had the auto repair epiphany... Combine a group of auto specialists under one roof where they can share the overhead and giving a more of a one-stop-shop experience and really connecting with the customer.

Based on my experience, I will always start my auto repair with these folks.

Have you ever been in a hospital when someone you care about is going through something important? They generally put in you a cozy room and you wait until the doctor comes in to report how it went. That's how I felt today...

Three different people stopped by the cozy WiFi room to check on me. The first was to make sure I knew where the WPA key could be found and to ask if I needed anything. The next guy was the technician that was about to start working on my car. He wanted a one-on-one version of what I thought was wrong. He then explained what he planned to do, but took a few minutes to tell me how his passion has been working on Mercedes since he was a kid. He wasn't bragging, wasn't selling anything. I've never had any mechanic talk to me like that. It was pretty cool.

Then guy #3 (Jason Cassar) comes about 30 minutes later to give me the summary of what they found/didn't find. Another example of someone who really cares about the customer experience.

Quick history

A few months back ArborMotion did some work on my car. The work was completed on time and for the quoted price. That in itself was no big deal, the amazing bonus was never in the quote: They cleaned my car, inside and out. It was way cleaner than it was when I bought it.

How many places do that?!

Some contrast: Recently, I spent ~ $2500 at a collision shop and when my car was returned to me, it smelled and looked like it was just towed from the police impound lot. Their "thanks for your business" card was that big thick sheet of paper that you're supposed to think is a new floor mat.

Bottom line today: They found nothing wrong with my car. When I came in, I was willing to pay a reasonable diagnostic fee. Here's the part that made me want to hurry back to the office to write all that you're reading: They found nothing, so they charged nothing.

In my line of work (design, development and security as it relates to software) we've never charged for diagnostics if the effort produced nothing of value to the client. Granted, there are exceptions. Removing engine parts to find nothing would have been different.

Not only did they not charge for the diagnostic, they washed my car before they gave it back. (and they had no idea I planned to write this)

ArborMotion has attention to detail that will amaze you. I can't promise your car will be washed and waxed, but I am confident their technical expertise and bedside manner in the cozy WiFi room will have you wanting to rush home to write reviews just like this one.