NO SMOKING!! Yee ha!! at A2 Brewing Company (ABC)
Sunday, 09 August 2009

Did you know that A2 Brew Pub is SMOKE FREE? Did you also know their Krolsch beer is something almost anyone would love ... and the waitstaff, same thing.

7:43 PM 8/9/2009: Food was great. Service, maybe an 8.5, but considering we were on the no waitstaff section, that was damn good. I ordered another beer just to hang out, to bask in the afterglow... very mellow place. You could come here and feel fully connected, or just blend into being invisible. People like Michelle are a good example of what ABC is about. Very real, very genuine, with no sense of trying to sell you something that isn't true.

7:30 PM 8/9/2009: Was a pretty excellent adventure. Burger was $10, but my carb buzz tells me it was worth every penny. The $5 pints ... yum. Overall, this was a huge treat. Fantastic attitudes, very exceptional food with just the right amount of ambinet energy.

7:09 PM 8/9/2009: Burger and homemake chips -- amazing. I tried to chew slowly, I tried to do the yoga thing-- didn't happen. Amazing. I had the burger with onions, jalapenos and cheddar. When it atrrived, it was a compact unit on an awesome bun. Spice kick from the jalapenos ... perfect. EVERYTHING about this burger was perfecto.

6:57 PM 8/9/2009: Salad arrived. Looks damn good. They even served it on a square plate ... and I'm pretty sure only fancy places have those.

6:55 PM 8/9/2009: Had to order at the bar because we were seated in the front part where waitstaff is apparently forbidden to visit. Was kinda cool. Make it feel like only special people could sit there.

6:53 PM 8/9/2009: Interviewed attractive female on laptop to find out about her experience. She also was having the Krolsch and said it was "even better because no smoke caused my taste buds to go hay-wire".

6:48 PM 8/9/2009: Ordered another beer from Michelle. She almost speaks French, but even without that, is pretty cool. Beed delivered without spillage and, best of all, she remembered my name. That was worth the dollar tip I left here, for sure.

6:42 PM 8/9/2009: Ordered 2 burgers and a salad. So far, we're still good enjoying the beverages.

Of course they have WiFi... here's proof (along with this post):