Wednesday, 10 November 2010
About time someone opened a brew pub on west side of Ann Arbor, one that combines awesome beer AND blazing fast WiFi. So far, we've been able to confirm the following: The beer is amazingly dee-lish and they are fully cool with the concept of having attractive and personable beer wenches deliver said brew. No joke. Join their Mug Club and you can get a Beer Wench T-shirt with your membership. That's very anti-Ann Arbor'ish and damn, that's nice.

The Wolverine State Brew Pub (NOT located on State St) opened the 6th of November. The location is a bit sneaky, which somewhat matches the mellow come-on-in-and-chill energy that you feel when you get here. There's room for about 15 barstoolers but they've got plenty of tables and a couch-centered area as well. But forget all of that, they have a REAL FOOSBALL TABLE and two real dart boards, making this a true neighborhood joint with loads of community potential. (Rumor that's fast-spreading: Foosball Draw-Your-Parter tournaments are in the works.

The above is a snip taken from Google maps on what appears to be the most gloomy day of the year. Click the image if you want to see if they have perhaps a less overcast view.

Their WiFi is plenty fast: 2K up/4K down. It's WPA encrypted so you'll need to read thir current password off their beer menu board. They use IP connected flatscreens with perfect surround sound speakers to pump out Pandora or, in the early afternoon, classic movies. So far their selections are 100% thumbs-up.

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