Party Poker and Foosball
Friday, 14 October 2011
Having been to Budapest many times, I often walked past the casinos and wondered what it would be like to put on some of those dark sunglasses, get a funky hat and belly-up to the poker table. I never did it. Figured I would be better off giving my money to attractive women who wanted me to buy them overly expensive drinks. But I'm not just rambling here, I've got a point.

If you have ever wanted to play poker, the best place to learn is online. In addition to being able to play in your PJs, you can pull in your friends to help you make those ever critical decisions. Does this have anything to do with Ann Arbor wifi? Kind of. Did you know that you can play foosball at Wolverine State Brewing and enjoy some high speed wireless internet too? Well, now you do.

Back to poker. I'm always skeptical about online gaming sites but if I had to pick one from Hungary, this one would be it: PartyPoker Hungary Don't be afraid of the Hungarian language. It's simple to learn, especially if you click the "Translate to English" button.

And this was a real treat, an online person named Sophia let me know that they will juice your account by matching your first deposit up to $500. She called it the "AMAZING WELCOME BONUS!" Thanks Sophie! We'll be sure to stop by when we visit the Hungarian Masters next month.